Q. Alteration Service (Online & Store)

Alteration service is available in all stores and online store.

The service is available for selected bottoms length alteration (shorten only).

The alteration result may have ± 1cm deviation.

Click here for the item sample after alteration.

For online purchase, the delivery timeline will take an additional 1-4 working days from the estimated normal delivery lead time. (Online alteration service not applicable for Same Day Delivery Click & Collect)

How to Request Alteration for Online Purchase 

If the product is available for the alteration service, you will be able to choose the alteration type and length:

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Please choose the alteration type (Blind Stitch/ Normal Stitch) and the inseam length from the drop-down menu. 

The length is referring to the final total inseam length of the product after shorten, NOT the length that you wish to cut. 

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How to Request Alteration for Store Purchase

You may visit any store to request for alteration service. 

Please bring along your physical purchase receipt during your store visit. 

Bottoms undergoing normal stitch alterations can be collected on the same day, while blind stitch alteration can be collected on the next day. This subjected to store's alteration capacity and may vary in different store.

What Item is Available for Alteration Service

Our alterations service is available for (shorten only) selected UNIQLO bottoms only. This includes chinos and leggings pants. 

Please note that alteration for these bottoms will affect the tapered silhouette.

Alteration is NOT available for the following products: 
1) Short Pants
2) Ankle & Cropped Pants
3) Jogger Pants
4) Ultra Active Pants
5) Lounge Bottoms
6) Skirts & Dresses
7) Non-UNIQLO Products

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you offer pants tapering?

No, unfortunately we only provide service for length alteration.

2. If I requested alteration for online purchase, how long is the total delivery time required?

Online orders with alterations will take an additional 1-4 working days from the estimated normal delivery lead time, excluding public holidays and weekends. 

Once your online order is ready for shipping, you will receive an email with courier tracking number

3. Will the extra fabric from the altered bottom will be included in the parcel delivered to me?

The original hem will not be included for any alteration service.

4. Is there an option to lengthen the pants or undo the alteration?

We will cut the pants directly to the appropriate length when requested for the alteration service. Once the pants altered, they cannot be lengthened further or undo the alteration.

5. Can I request for a 2nd alteration on the same pants?

Yes, you may visit our store and request for 2nd alteration for the same pants.

Please be informed that you will be charged for the alteration fees as below should you request the service in our store:
Item below RM50
Blind Stitch: RM20
Normal Stitch: RM10

Item RM50 or above
Blind Stitch: RM10
Normal Stitch: Free

6. I have lost my purchase receipt. Can I request for the alteration service in store?

Yes. Please visit any of our local retail stores and ask our staff for assistance.

Please be informed that you will be charged for the fixed rate as below
Blind Stitch: RM20
Normal Stitch: RM10

7. Does your store accept alteration service for the pants that I purchased from online?

Product from online purchases can request alteration service via walk-in store, and you will be charged in fixed rate in:
Item below RM50
Blind Stitch: RM20
Normal Stitch: RM10

Item RM50 or above
Blind Stitch: RM10
Normal Stitch: Free

8. Do I need to have my pants pinned?

If you do not know what length you would like your jeans/ pants altered to, you can try them on in our store fitting rooms and have one of our staff members pin them for you at your desired length. Alternatively, if you know exactly what length you would like your jeans/ pants altered to, you can inform our staff member your desired length at the cash wrap area when they issue you the alteration slip.

9. Can I request punch hole for my belt?

We do provide a manual punch hole service for UNIQLO belts at all stores. However, please note that the shape or design of the added hole may not be identical to the original belt design.

10. Can I request an alteration for a UNIQLO product purchased from another country?

We provide alteration service for UNIQLO product that you purchased from other countries (with or without receipt). Please note that service charges will be applied as listed below:

Blind Stitch: RM20
Normal Stitch: RM10

11. Do you offer alterations on non UNIQLO jeans and / or pants?

Our alteration service is exclusively for UNIQLO jeans and pants only. 

12. I've purchased a pair of UNIQLO jeans/ pants for quite a while now and have decided that I would like to have them altered. Is this possible?

Yes, you are able to. Kindly bring along your receipt and pants to any retail stores for alteration.

13. How long will I have to wait for an alteration in store?

Time may vary from store-to-store. We always try to offer a same day service where we can, but this is dependent on the volume of alterations a store has to do within a day. Kindly check with a staff member for how long it will take for your alteration to be done. They will be able to advise you.

14. What happens if the product alteration length that I received is incorrect?

The alteration result may have ± 1cm deviation and please ensure to use clothing measurement tape for the correct measurement.

Check out below the correct measurement method for each pant type:
Measuring for Jeans: Click here.
Measuring for Chino Pants: Click here.
Measuring for Formal Pants: Click here.

Alternatively, please contact our customer service team here for further assistance

15. Can I request return or exchange for altered pants?

Any altered product no longer consider normal & original condition and it cannot be returned for refund or exchange.

In the unlikely event that you have received incorrect or manufacture defect product(s), you may contact our customer care team via 'Chat Support' button (bottom page) or email (here) for further assistance.
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