Q. RE.UNIQLO Studio - Remake Service (Embroidery)

In RE.UNIQLO Studio, we offer embroidery service and remake your UNIQLO clothes into fresh new items or customize them however you like. 
  • How it Works

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    1) No exchange and refund allowed.
    2) The size of the template designs (1-2 Colors / Multi-Color) are fixed. 
    3) The colours of the template designs (Multi-Color) are fixed. 
    4) The colours of the letter embroidery and template design (1-2 Colors) can be completed in any of the 25 available colours of thread. 
    5) Embroidery service for self-created designs is unavailable.
  • Service Charges

    ・Letter Embroidery: RM15
    ※ Up to 10 letters, 4x10cm (Additional RM2 after 10 letters)

    ・Template Design: RM18 - RM22
    ※ 6x6cm: RM18; 10x10cm: RM22
  • Available Store

  • Products Eligible & Conditions

    1) Applicable to UNIQLO products purchased in the past (online + store) or on-the-day in store purchase.
    2) Only items identified as UNIQLO products are eligible.
    3) Collaboration products (here) are not allowed to be embroidered, except for UNIQLO U and UNIQLO C:
    4) Embroidery and stitching may not be applicable depending on the material and location. Please visit the store and consult with staff.
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  • Design List

    We offer a total of 25 color choices.  

    Letter Embroidery

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    User-added image

    Template Design: 1-2 Color

    You can choose 1-2 colors from our range of 25 thread colors. 
    User-added image

    Template Design: Multi-Color

    The size of the embroidery design & colors are fixed, and cannot be changed. 
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  • RE.UNIQLO Studio Terms & Conditions

    When ordering our repair and remake services, we will regard that you have agreed to the following terms and conditions. 

    ・We will inform you the date of collection at the time of service acceptance.

    ※ Subject to the store capacity, the service may be collected the next day or later. 
    ・Please pick up your item(s) within 1 month of the pickup date conveyed at the time of requesting the service. If you are unable to collect the item by the due date, it will be recycled under our RE.UNIQLO program.
    ・Please bring your receipt during your collection and keep the receipt for reference.

    ・We do not accept returns or exchanges of repaired or remade items.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Can I use my own design for the embroidery service?

We only provide selected design monochromatic/ coloured icons for the embroidery service. Original designs are unavailable at the moment. 

2. Can I request embroidery service for my old UNIQLO clothing?

We accept customer previous purchases for the embroidery service. Please check the【Products Eligible & Conditions】section above for more detail.

3. How long I need to wait for the embroidery?

The embroidery product may be collected within 1-2 weeks, subject to the store capacity. You may contact our store in advance for further advice.

4. What colours are available for the text/ monochromatic icons?

You can choose colours available below for your text/ monochromatic icons embroidery service:
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Remark: The template designs (Multi-Color) are fixed to its original colour and cannot be changed. 

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