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Q. Care Guide - PUFFTECH

Learn how to take care of your PUFFTECH outerwear to extend their lifespan.

The following are general care instructions for PUFFTECH outerwear. However, please always refer to the care label on your jacket for specific instructions, as care methods may vary depending on the product.

How to Wash:
1) Hand wash with lukewarm water (40°C or less). 
2) Fill a bowl or sink with water and mix in an appropriate amount of laundry detergent.  

*We recommend using warm water if there are visible stains on the collar or elsewhere. 

• Before soaking the jacket in water, pretreat any visible stained areas such as neck and cuffs with a sponge or cloth with detergent.  
• Lather some detergent on a sponge or other absorbent material and gently blot the stains to avoid damaging the fabric. 
*Depending on the type of stains and how long the stains have been there, you might not be able to completely remove the stains. If you are unable to remove the stains, we recommend using a professional cleaning service. 

3) Lightly fold the item so that the collar and cuffs, which tend to stain the easiest, are on top. Then, submerge the folded item in the water.  
4) Gently press down on the item 20-30 times without squeezing the padding. By pressing down in a vertical motion, you can prevent the padding from bunching up. 

5) After washing, rinse the item. Press gently to avoid squeezing the padding, and rinse until you have completely removed the detergent.
*Any remaining detergent in the fabric could cause stains or discoloration, so keep replacing the water and rinsing until there are no more soap bubbles in the water.  

How to Spin:
1) After rinsing, place the item in an appropriately sized net and spin in the washing machine for a short amount of time until it is no longer dripping water.  
*If you are not sure how to set up your washing machine's spin cycle, read the manual that came with your washing machine.

How to Dry:
1) Dry in shade and use a thick hanger, so the item retains its shape.  
2) Re-fluff the item and hang in a well-ventilated, shaded area.  
*Drying in an ill ventilated room could cause dampness and mold growth.  

3) Before the item completely dries, return it to its original shape by massaging the padding with your hands and spreading our the padding evenly.    

4) Re-dry the item once again in a well-ventilated, shaded area.  
5) Wait until the item has completely dried.

How to Adjust the Padding:

Some PUFFTECH outerwear design in which the padding might bunch or clump after washing.
You can adjust the padding by thumping or massaging the affected areas until the padding is evenly spread out.

How to Re-fluff:

1) Hold your item by the edges of the cuffs and shake gently to let air in until it is fluffy again. 

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