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Q. Care Guide - Fleece

Learn how to take care of your fleece and last longer for many upcoming seasons.   

Fleece is a fabric that’s easy to care for at home, but there are tricks to making its fluffy feel last longer. Here then are the tricks along with basic methods of care. It is also advisable to refer to product care label suggestion as care method may differ depending on the product.

How to Wash:
1) Turn the fleece inside out to prevent friction against other clothing.
2) Place the fleece inside a laundry net (fine mesh).
3) Use hand wash mode (gentle mode) to maintain the fleece texture.
4) Avoid washing with a heavy load as friction will damage the fabric texture.

Useful Tips:
1) To restore the fur, use a clothes brush to comb the fabric and raise the fleece nap. 

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2) Recommend using fabric softener or an anti-static spray to overcome the static electricity. 
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