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Q. Care Guide - Knitwear

A how-to guide on taking care of your knits in shape and feeling soft for many seasons to come. 

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When to Wash:  
Wear light layers under your knits to enable less frequent washing. If your knit encounters dirt or odours such as smoke, into your laundry basket it goes.

Otherwise, only wash your knits after four or five wears.

How to Wash:
Knitwear product will last longer if you keep them out of the machine and wash them gently by hand. 

1) Wash in cool or cold water.
2) Use a light, wool-friendly detergent.

How to Dry:
1) DO NOT wring the product. 
2) Gently squeeze the water out.
3) Lay FLAT on towel or mesh drying rack to dry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to avoid/ remove the pilling on my knitwear?

Pilling occurs when the knitwear fabrics rub together during your everyday wear. This caused the friction, along with repetitive washing, and it causes the tips of fibers to tangle and mat together, making pills appear on the fabric. Avoid the friction as much as possible, is the key of reducing the pilling.  

Alternatively, you can easily remove these pilling at home by:
1) Cutting off pills with small scissors. Avoid pulling off using fingers as it can rip off parts of fabric and ruin the appearance of your clothing.  
2) Using battery-operated lint remover. 

Please take note that excessive removal can lead to thinning and reducing the volume of the garment.  

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