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Q. Purchasing UNIQLO Product Through Official Channel

Please purchase UNIQLO products from official UNIQLO stores or online stores.

You can see the actual product, feel the texture and check the quality before making a purchase at the official UNIQLO store.

The official UNIQLO online store (*easily accessible from the UNIQLO app) offers a wide range of sizes, including extra sizes that are only available online.

Beware of counterfeit products / malicious fake sites!

We are concerned that sales of UNIQLO counterfeits are increasing at non-official stores and online.  Many of the counterfeit products are inferior in quality to genuine products.

Beware of fake sites that resemble the official UNIQLO online store, to avoid internet fraud which may result in you not receiving your purchased product or your personal information illegally acquired.

Please be cautious when purchasing.

In addition, we only accept returns or exchanges of products purchased from official UNIQLO stores and online stores.

Please see return and exchange conditions here.

Genuine products are only available at the official UNIQLO stores or online stores.

Search UNIQLO official store here.

Search UNIQLO official online store here.

The official UNIQLO FACEBOOK account:

The official UNIQLO INSTAGRAM account: @uniqlomyofficial

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