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Q. Care Guide - Jeans

A guide for you who wants to keep your favourite jeans in great shape for a long time. 

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Laundry Tips:
1) Separate & Minimize 
Wash your jeans separately as the colours transfer happen very easily to other apparel. Jeans may damage other clothing if washing together, as jeans fabrics are thick and stiff. 

2) Using Neutral Detergent 
Most detergents are either low alkaline or neutral. Low alkaline detergents do a better job of cleaning than neutral detergents do. Though generally low alkaline detergents are very effective, that effectiveness means a greater likelihood of colour fading. When washing jeans, consider the neutral laundry detergents that are reserved for delicate items. 

3) Cold Temperature instead of Hot
Stains (ie: body/ skin oil) come out easier when washed in hot or warm water. However, the higher water temperature, the greater likelihood of colour fading. Therefore, it’s important to wash jeans in cold water. 

4) Gentle Wash Cycles
Jeans fade easily due to friction. The regular wash cycles of washing machines result in heavy friction due to their higher rotations. Therefore, choose gentle wash cycles instead.

Minimize Dust on Jeans:
Dust easily to be spotted on black or darker jeans. It clings to jeans due to the static electricity that results from friction, including when doing laundry. A bit of attention can go a long way toward minimizing dust build up. Here are the things to do. 

1) Anti-static Spray
Try a commercially available anti-static spray to prevent static electricity that’s due to friction. However, the spray will not remove any dust that is already stuck on the jeans. So spray your jeans when they’re free of dust. 
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2) Laundry Softener
Using a laundry softener can greatly reduce the static electricity is less likely to accumulate, and thus dust is less likely to cling. Consider washing your jeans separately because washing with other items can easily result in your jeans covered in lint.  
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3) Removing Dust
Use a lint roller, remover or brush to remove dust and lint. Masking tape are acceptable but avoid those that are strongly adhesive because they’ll cause napping. 

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