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Q. Product Review & Sampling Programme

To thank customers for writing reviews on that help us to improve LifeWear, we would like to give them free samples to try out.

For more information in our product review guideline, please click here.

Who is eligible for the Sampling Programme? 

Any App member who leaves a review* on from Sunday, 15 May 2022, will stand a chance to be enrolled in this Sampling Programme. Up to 300 selected reviewers stand a chance to receive free samples.

*Note: It must be an approved review; click here for more details about Product Review Guideline.

What product do I have to review to stand a chance to be enrolled in the Sampling Programme?

You can review any product you have purchased and found on, to stand a chance to be enrolled in the Sampling Programme.

How do I leave a review?

Go to your purchase history on the website (here) or your UNIQLO App, scroll to the product you would like to leave a review on, and click “WRITE A REVIEW”.

Click here for more details about Product Review.

How often will this Sampling Programme run?

The Sampling Programme will be held at least once every three months (a “Cycle”). 

Please see the chart below for an example of the schedule: 
User-added image

How will I be notified if I have been selected for the Sampling Programme? 

If you're selected, you will receive a push notification on your App for Sampling Coupon.

Please ensure your push notification are enabled.

You can find the Sampling Coupon when you click the [NOTIFICATION] icon, on the top right hand side of your App homepage. 

How do I collect my sample?

You would need to show your Sampling Coupon on your App to our staff at any UNIQLO store within the redemption period stated on the coupon. 

Unless there are additional government restrictions imposed on movement, we will not able to grant extension for the coupon redemption. 

Can I return or exchange the free sample for something of commensurate value?

Free samples given out via this programme cannot be returned or exchanged for another product or cash, in part or in full.

Can I leave a review for the free sample received via this programme?

Yes, you can leave a review for the free sample via the UNIQLO App or In fact, it is highly encouraged!

If I have been chosen to be in the Sampling Programme, would I automatically remain in the programme and receive free samples in every Cycle that the Sampling Programme runs?

No, you would not automatically continue to be enrolled in the Sampling Programme. 

However, as we refresh the participants  in every Cycle, you may still stand a chance of being chosen to be part of this Sampling Programme, if you continue leaving reviews on on a regular basis (e.g. monthly). 

How many customers will be chosen to be a part of this Sampling Programme?

We will choose up to 300 reviewers in every Cycle, to be a part of this Sampling Programme.

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