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Q. Care Guide - Down Outerwear

Learn how to take care your down jackets and last longer for many upcoming seasons.  

Below is a general guideline for Ultra Light Down jackets but please follow the instructions on the product care label as care method may differs depending on the product. 

How to Wash:
1) Handwash with lukewarm water (40°C or less). 
2) Fill lukewarm water in a washing container and dissolve neutral detergent.  

*Please note that using hot water for washing may remove oil from the waterfowl feathers and accelerate its deterioration. 

• Before soaking the down jacket in water, clean the stained areas such as neck and cuffs with a sponge or cloth with detergent.  
• Apply oil type makeup remover or lukewarm water with neutral detergent to stained areas and rub it gently with a toothbrush from the edge of the stain towards the center. 
*Please note that these are general tips on handling down products. 
*Undertake the above instructions in a well-lit area to avoid staining. 

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3) Soaking the down jacket with its fold positioned downwards is advisable as you can see the stained areas easily.  
4) Push the down jacket in an upward and downward movement while handwashing for approximately 20 to 30 times. 
5) Discard water and rinse the down jacket as much as possible while washing.  
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How to Dry:
1) After washing, drain the water from the washing container and then press it from above to lightly drain the water.  
*Squeezing is strictly prohibited as it damages the inside down and the fabric.  

2) Rinse the down jacket with clean water 2-3 times.  
*If detergent remains in the item, it can cause stains and changes in the texture. Change the water as needed and rinse until no foam appear.  

3) Gently push the down jacket to drain the water and to avoid damages to the down. 
4) After draining the water, wrap it in a towel to absorb the moisture.  

*If you turn the body and sleeves inside out, it will be easier to drain the water.  
*Avoid using dryer machine as it may damage the fabric. 

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5) Use a thick and broad hanger to prevent the down from losing its shape.  
6) Dry in a well-ventilated and shaded area that is not directly exposed to sunlight as exposure to sun rays may cause discolouration.  
7) Before drying, if you see any uneven lumps of down in the jacket, gently massage it to adjust its shape. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to clean jacket that have some dirt on certain area/ part?

If the dirt liquifies and it may penetrate deeper into the jacket fabric when moistened. Use a hairdryer on lowest heat setting to dry the dirt first. Once it is dry, use a toothbrush to stroke in one direction and scrub off any large areas of dirt.

After the large dirt has been lifted, moisten the area, and rub little detergent against it. Then, use a toothbrush to stroke in one direction, and scrub off the dirt/ stain.

Wash the entire jacket after spot washing. Avoid stopping at simply cleaning the dirt spot area as the cleaned areas will conversely stand out when the item dries. 

What to do if the down/ feather coming out from jacket?

The more you wear a down jacket greater the probability of some down showing through.

DO NOT pull the down outward as it will enlarge the hole. Pinch the down from the opposite side and pull it back inside.

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