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Q. Payment Error & Failed Order

If there was an error in processing your order, we would recommend the normal troubleshooting steps:

1) Using a different platform (App/ website) or device. 
2) Use Google Chrome or switch to Incognito mode. 
3) Check with your card issuing bank.
4) Remove all the items in the cart and re-add before checkout. 
5) Uninstall and reinstall the App for a reboot if the above failed.

Alternatively, you may click below options if having a similar error or issue:

  • Error Message Displayed

    Error 1:
    ˹There has been a system error. Please try again or come back later.˺

    This happens if:
    1)【Address 1】or【Address 2】in Edit Profile has exceeded 70 characters.
    2)【Phone】in Edit Profile has exceeded 10 digits.
    3) Item(s) in the shopping cart is out of stock.

    Please login your online account and amend your address/ phone in Edit Profile before payment. Check your shopping card to ensure all items are available. Any out of stock item inside the shopping cart will have 1 red line to address the issue. Alternatively, you may remove all items in the shopping cart and try again later.

    Error 2:
    ˹Please check the details entered or use another credit card and try again.˺

    This happens to user who choose【Credit/ Debit Card】as payment method and:
    1) Click【Back】or【Refresh】button during checkout.
    2) Timeout when input OTP.  
    3) Click【Cancel】button during the OTP confirmation page.
    4) Incorrect card number/ CVV/ OTP provided.

    Please check your input card information or use a different credit/ debit card. 

    If the loading time on the checkout page took longer than expected, please ensure no order was placed successfully before try again (wait 15-30 mins).
  • No Order Confirmation Email
    No Order in【Order History】

    You can find all orders in【Order History】of your account profile. A successful order will have an order number. At the same time, you will receive an order confirmation email after placing orders successfully.

    If there's no order number found in【Order History】, it means that your order was unsuccessful.

    For customer who chose【Credit/ Debit Card】and payment being deducted. Please contact our customer service (page footer below) for further assistance.
  • Online Banking Payment Pending/ Error

    Should you choose【Online Banking】but an issue occurs during your checkout/ entering OTP, the payment status will be showing as Order Cancelled or Pending in your【Order History】:
    User-added image
    The system will attempt to process the payment and confirm the order within 30 minutes for pending status. 

    Should the payment failed, the order status will be changed and deducted amount from your bank account will be refunded.
  • Order Cancelled Automatically

    【Pay-in-Store】- This happened if no payment was received in our store within 2 hours. 

    【Online Banking】- This happened as payment transaction failed. Bank will issue the refund automatically in 3-5 business days. 

    Cancelled order unable to recover. You may consider placing a new order instead.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. I have tried to make payment but still failed to checkout?

There are a few reasons for unsuccessful orders. 

Please follow troubleshooting steps below before making payment:
1) Before proceeding to the checkout page, please ensure all added item(s) in the shopping cart is available in stock. Item(s) that were added to shopping cart few days ago may have already run out of stock during the time of checkout.

2) Please ensure your internet connection is stable during the checkout.

3) Do NOT press the back button, close or refresh the window page during checkout until the order has been completed as it may interrupt the payment process.

2. I used credit card (issued other from Malaysia) and failed to checkout for multiple time?

Please amend your billing address to be the same as your shipping address.

Should you still unable to checkout, please contact our customer service care team in below【Chat Support】or【By Email】for further assist.
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