Q. Edit Membership Account Profile

Please check the below step-by-step guide to edit your membership account:
  • UNIQLO App:

    1. Click the 【MEMBERSHIP】 icon on the bottom left of the home page.

    2. Click the 【PROFILE】 icon.

    3. Click the 【EDIT PROFILE】 icon.

    4. Update your personal detail and click 【PREVIEW】.

    5. Click 【SUBMIT】 to save the changes.

  • Web Browser:

    1. Click the 【Human】 icon and choose 【Profile】.

    2. Click 【Edit profile】 on left side under 【Profile settings】 and update your personal details.

    3. Scroll down and click 【SAVE CHANGES】 to save.

To ensure your smooth online shopping experience and proceed checkout without any problem, please make sure all your personal account details below are well registered correctly:
1. First Name: Max 30 digits 
2. Last Name: Max 30 digits
3. Date of Birth: DD-MM-YYYY
4. Address 1: Max 70 digits
5. Address 2: Max 70 digits
6. City: Max 30 digit 
7. State: (Choose from the drop box)
8. Postal Code: Max 5 digits
9. Phone Number: Max 10 digits  

Please do not include the symbol "+", "-", "( )" when inputting your contact number.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I try to reset password but failed. System error showing as "Information provided doesn’t match our records. Please check the spelling and try again".

Please check if the spelling of provided email is correct.

If still showing the same message, it means that our system is unable to recognize your email address. This will happen when you only downloaded our UNIQLO App without registering as our online membership. Please click (here) to register as our online membership.

2. How to amend my Membership Address?

You can amend the Membership Address by following the below instructions:

1. Open the UNIQLO App.
2. Click the [MEMBERSIHP] icon on the bottom of the application.
4. Click [LOGIN].
5. Click [EDIT PROFILE] and update your address.
6. Click [SAVE CHANGES] to save.

Via Web Browser
1. Click the [Human] icon on top right corner.
2. Input your detail to login.
2. Click on [PROFILE].
3. Click [EDIT PROFILE] and update your address.
4. Click [SAVE CHANGES] to save.

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