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Q. Product Review Guidelines

The purpose of collecting product reviews is to use the impressions and evaluations of customers who have worn certain products as reliable opinions that can be used as a reference by other customers who intend to purchase the same product.

Therefore, please share your product reviews according to the following guidelines:

For the above purposes, we will use only non-personally identifiable information. Apart from displaying the reviews on the product review pages, the reviews may also be used in promotional materials, and/or other advertisements of our company and our group companies.

In addition, please note that we may edit or translate excerpts, etc. without changing the intention of the comment.

  • When writing a review

    Please specify your impressions of the product (material, fit, occasion of wearing, comfort, etc.) when you wear the product.

    For the product size, it will be very helpful if the height of the wearer and the size of the product worn can be provided.  

    While we would love to know your satisfaction with the products, please also feel free to let us know your dissatisfactions, if any.

    *Keep your review focused on the product.
    *Refrain from mentioning competitors or the specific price you paid for the product
    *Do not include any personally identifiable information, such as full names.
    *Contact us if you have issues that are not product-related such as order status or customer service.
  • About comments that cannot be posted

    Comments containing the following information will not be posted:
    ・ In order to prevent confusion for other customers, posts mentioning prices and posts referencing products other than the product to be reviewed may not be excerpted or posted.
    ・ Comments that are not related to the product (dissatisfaction with store services and delivery / shipping, etc.).
    ・ Comments on unsold products.
    ・ Questions on inventory and size request not related to the product to be reviewed.
    ・ Information that can identify brands of other companies, individuals, and groups.
    ・ Comments for commercial purposes, URLs.
    ・ Information that brings or suggests disrepute to our company or a third party.
    ・ Information that includes political content.
    ・ Antisocial content.
    ・ Information on disasters, riots, terrorism, epidemics, illnesses.
    ・ Multiple comments for the same product by the same person (including cases where we judge that they are the same person).
    ・ Other information that we deem inappropriate.

We cannot reply to the comments you have posted. If you have any issue with our product, you may get in touch with our customer service via 'Chat Support' button (bottom page) or email (here) for further assistance. 

You can check our FAQ (here) if you have questions about how to submit product reviews or common issues faced when submitting.

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