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Q. Dragon Ball UT - Complete Box

Dragon Ball UT complete box set is now available at UNIQLO Malaysia.

This complete box set includes all 7 designs of T-shirts based on the concept of HISTORY OF DRAGONBALL, covering the period from Son Goku boy Arc to Majin Buu's Arc. The sticker is only available in the Dragon Ball Complete Box, and the box design featuring Goku and Krillin as a permanent keepsake. An AR gimmick is included inside the box that allows you to scan the picture of the 7 Dragon Balls to make the Shenron appear!

【Merchandise Sales Start Date】
19 June 2023

Online Purchase only 

【Product Information】
Product ID: 466149
Product Name: DRAGON BALL Complete Box
Product Page: here
Size: S, M , L , XL**

What's inside the box?
- Dragon Ball packaging box
- 7 different design for MEN DRAGON BALL UT (Short Sleeve Graphic T-Shirt)
- Dragon Ball sticker
- AR gimmick
**Note: Selected size will apply to all 7 designs of MEN DRAGON BALL UT (Short Sleeve Graphic T-Shirt).
Example: You selected L size. You will receive all 7 UT(s) in L size.

User-added image
◉ All 7 MEN DRAGON BALL UT (Short Sleeve Graphic T-Shirt) design. T-Shirts design for the DRAGON BALL Complete Box are fixed and cannot be changed. 

User-added image
◉ Dragon Ball original sticker. Size: 200mm x 200mm

User-added image
◉ Dragon Ball packaging box.
◉ The back of Dragon Ball original sticker (right side on above image) comes with a QR code. Use the phone camera to scan the QR code and capture the 7 dragon balls with the Instagram filter function to experience the unique AR.


【Return & Exchange】
DRAGON BALL Complete Box (including 7 MEN DRAGON BALL UT inside the set) cannot be returned or exchanged. 

There will be no replacement for the Dragon Ball packaging box in the event of damage/ dented during the delivery process. 

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