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Q. Care Guide - Linen

Linen are easy to take care, but also wrinkle easily and lose the shape. Check out our guide below in how to keep your premium linen in good shape for many season to come. 

The below six icons are commonly shown in your linen product's washing label. We recommend checking it out before washing.

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Laundry Tips:
Linen is breathable and feels cool to wear, it has long been known as a warm weather essential. It is well known for wicking and dry quickly.
1) Gentle Wash Cycles or Hand Wash 
Line is prone to be wrinkled easily. So try to use a laundry net when doing laundry in washing machine or choose gentle wash cycles. Ultimately, you may handwash carefully in warm water alone. 
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2) Reduce the Spin Cycles 

The spin cycle is the main cause of wrinkling when washing. When using a washing machine, the regular spin cycle is too long for linen products. Stretching and flattening by hand when hanging dry are insufficient, so it is recommended to shorten the spin cycle.

If you are washing by hand, hang the item to dry without wringing. The fabric will stretch due to the weight of the water and look better when dry. Linen products can be dry quickly, even in a situation of drying in dripping wet, it will completely dry in no time on a sunny day. 

3) Dry in Shade
Too much direct sunlight may result in fading and discolouration. Hang dry in the shade. 

Wrinkle-Free Caring Tips:
1) Remove Wrinkles
It is difficult to iron a wrinkle linen shirts. If you like wrinkle-free-look shirts in general, try to stretch and smooth out the wrinkles by hand while it is wet. 

2) Dampen with Sprayer
Wrinkles are difficult to remove when dried. Use a sprayer to moisten the fabric when ironing. It’s recommended to iron the linen products before they’re completely dry with medium temperature setting.

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3) Storing
Use a hanger with wide/ thick shoulder to minimize deformation. If you prefer in folding the linen products, fold them loosely and avoid placing heavy object or other apparels on top.

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